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Lots of catching up with people this week. It's Thursday night / Friday "morning" and I'm reflecting.

Today (Thursday, that is), I met up with DH for coffee, which had me reflect back to [[Finhaven]] and the path that has lead here to [[Fission]].

Had a call with Amanda K one morning, sent her a link to [[When Tailwinds Vanish: The Internet in the 2020s]]. She was interested in my blog layout here and was asking about whether it needed a dev or not.

That led me over to the original [[Simply Jekyll]], since this site is super customized and in a private repo. I forked it into a public repo here: https://github.com/bmann/simply-jekyll

And then I setup [[Forestry]] so that Amanda could use it "without a dev". Deploy is [[Netlify]], because Simply Jekyll won't run on Github Pages. I'll need to do a proper HOWTO and properly setup the forked repo as a template repo to make it easy for people to run their own version. Sample site up here: https://quizzical-bartik-446efa.netlify.app

That's one framework [[Jekyll]], a free tier git code hosting with [[Github]], a second free tier commercial service [[Forestry]], and then a third free tier build/hosting service in [[Netlify]]. That's a lot of heavy lifting for "just" a blog + notes. [[Forestry]] from a day to day, week to week perspective is the most valuable part of that: the actual editing app.

And tonight, I just finished pushing a new site for [[Cobuilding]] live. [[Forestry]] setup was a little trickier because [[Minimal Mistakes]] has complicated Front Matter at times, I'll go back to it in a bit.

Why are these two sites not on Fission? Forestry needs to connect to a git provider is the short answer.

I'm doing some tinkering with [[Frontity]], a [[React]] front end framework designed to use Wordpress as a Headless CMS, that will be a good fit for hosting on Fission.

And now, to bed.

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