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  • Is there a danger in making decentralised, individual self-hosted easy? If it isn't combined with making maintenance and updates easy.

  • Great thread on the licensing and business model of Cloudron - https://forum.cloudron.io/topic/2862/why-not-make-cloudron-fully-open-source-again/1?lang=en-US. A casy study of a bigger issue.

  • Truth: setting up [[Yunohost]] and using it to install [[Invidious]], is easier than just installing Invidious by itself.

  • I feel proud to say I am using YunoHost. I wouldn't have the same pride in announcing I am using Cloudron, as useful as it is.

  • Baikal - I can't immediately see a way to import calendars. So given that and that it doesn't seem to work with LDAP, I'll going to uninstall it and try NextCloud.

  • YunoHost - interesting the default preference for subfolders rather than subdomains. I kind of prefer subdomains, but I feel like that's maybe just familiarity. Obviously some nice reverse proxy magic being set up by YunoHost too, would be interesting to look at that.

  • The way the YunoHost SSO straight in to NextCloud works is pretty sweet.

  • The fact YunoHost has the Anarchist Library as an app tells you something about its ethics :) (I think it's partly building on top of Debian, which also bundles that library IIRC).

  • On [[libraries]]:

@richdecibels Question for atheists: how else can we build a cathedral?


@richdecibels How about we use state funding to build non-denominational knowledge repositories and operate helpful public services out of them for society's under priveleged. We could enforce an attitude of hushed reverence in them to provide an environment conducive to concentration and reflection. We could call them… Libraries?

  • [[Self-hosting conundrum]].

  • I like this little talk from [[EmacsConf 2020]] about using [[org-mode]] to prioritise tasks based on a vision for life. Dead simple, just add a tag to each of the headlines that flags what the long-term impact of doing a particular thing will be.

    • It looks like you could run the risk of never doing daily chores though, if they all factor in as 0 towards a long-term goal. Maybe it needs to be a mix of urgency and importance that you tag things with.
  • Firefox blocks autoplay on video sites by default. You might watch to allow your [[Invidious]] instance to autoplay if you're listening to a playlist. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/block-autoplay


  • Continued work on my [[Minecraft]] mod that aims to teach functional programming concepts via game progression, [[monadmachines]].
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