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  • I've set up [[syncthing]] on my [[YunoHost]] box. I already had it on my desktop and my mobile. The whole point of Syncthing is kind of that it's [[P2P]], without a central server, but I thought this might be handy as an extra node for those two to sync between. I do occassionally get sync conflicts when I've edited stuff on both while they weren't in communication with each other. It's not a central server, just a more available node, I guess.

  • [[Syncthing]] or sync via [[NextCloud]]? I think I prefer via syncthing where it's possible, because it's P2P. You don't rely on some central server to always be available. That said, it can be really handy sometimes. It made Calibre-web setup pretty easy for example, and photo syncing too.

  • I've set up a [[basic automatic photo sync from my phone to NextCloud]]. Chuffed to get that working. I struggled in the past with syncthing for that some reason I've forgotten now, and it made me have to stick with Google Photos.

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  • [[Dual power]] is situational and can contend with decaying capitalism, not necessarily a practice (red library)
  • Lenin feared a [[workerist identity]] because if a worker could identify with their working conditions only they didn’t necessarily need to be anti capitalist. Therefore he stressed proletarian identity
  • WWII was the end of the [[ancien regime]], with the aristocracy being integrated into the bourgeois class
  • [[Laws]] are written to constrain others, not the ruling class
  • Political kitsch is a means of talking about politics in a very [[neoliberal]] way: everyone is their own entrepreneur and the purchasing of these products is seen as an expression of [[identity]]
  • [[Nazi]] [[cinema]] was fascinated by death, much like Nazism itself. Deaths in Nazi cinema were happy and self-sacrificing (see also: [[Nazi cinema]])
  • [[Nazi]] [[cinema]] created a false fantasy, traditional life (see also: [[Nazi cinema]])
  • Age regression was common in [[Nazi films]], innocence and child-like behavior
  • [[Nazi movies]] outright copied Hollywood in terms of popular genre film
  • As the Nazi final solution rolled out, [[Nazi cinema]] became more openly antisemitic

[[Revolution is unlikely to happen where the majority of people are comfortable]]

  • Capitalism has thus far managed to eliminate the hungry mob, therefore making revolution difficult
  • Revolution is more likely in autocratic countries (pop the left)
  • Most socialist revolutions weren’t even majority proletarian, they always made compromises and worked with other groups
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