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  • Donated to the [[People's History Museum]] fundraiser. They're struggling for funds at the moment. It's a great little place, struggling at the moment for funds. Maybe send them a few bob if you can.

We are the only museum in the country that explores the past, present and future of British democracy, championing ideas worth fighting for such as votes for all, equality, co-operation, social justice, and a fair world for all.



  • Happy new year!


  • Checked up on the status of a [[decompilation]] project for [[Mario Kart Wii]].
    • A disassembly does exist, but it has not been updated in over 2 years.
    • Hoping that once the [[Super Mario Galaxy]] decompilation has been finished to a certain degree, MKWii will be the next target.
  • Worked on my Unscii to BMFont converter. Fruitless endeavor, the font is much too big to be a reasonable size as a BMFont, and I wouldn't even be able to get it to work with Webpack.


today, my agora finally got setup by [[Flancian]] - thank you! besides that...

happy new year's eve to all!


First post. New day new post

It's new years eve mother fuckers, tomorrow is 2021 wtf

Learned about [[lemmy]] I built [[lemmur]] from source with [[flutter]]

[[sessionbox]] allows you to login multiple times at once to a site

[[pinafore]] and [[brutaldon]] are lightweight fedi clients

started using [[xmpp]] again with [[conversations]] on android and [[dino]] on desktop

found [[lainsafe]] file upload service. also found [[wetransfer]]

found [[librephotos]] google photo alternative

found [[cmd.fm]] which plays radio from a web based cli, it's novel but not super useful

also playing with [[nano.page]] looks like some shared knowledge graph or something. Doesn't look like it brings anything new to the table except maybe that the social aspect could be interesting

bring a belt to [[shae]] for jeans

I saw blue sky today and it made my day

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