Statue? I hardly know you! | The Antifada

tags : [[decolonization]] [[colonialism]]

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take enough notes while listening to this episode, but these are the highlights from what I remember:


  • [[Abraham Lincolon]] oversaw one of the largest land-grabs of Native American lands in US history
  • Civil War veterans waged war with Native peoples at previously unprecedented rates
  • The [[Civil War]] was only won because, as [[W. E. B. Du Bois]] said, slaves in the south essentially went on strike
  • Native Americans, like any other people under [[capitalism]], have a possibility of being subsumed into the capitalist system
    • There are Native peoples who have turned to extractive resources as a means of using it as a cudgel against their oppressors. They are often forced into resource extraction and they never see the wealth of their labor
      • Consider Bolivia and their lithium extraction
    • Native Americans who turn to coal extraction sometimes don’t even have power for their communities
  • Nick says that Native American populations have high amounts of class consciousness due to the oppression they’ve faced
  • Nick says that, whatever form decolonization takes, it cannot involve the [[Westphalia model of nation states]]
    • He also believes it must involve moving beyond capitalism
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