Fritjof Capra: The Web of Life

tags : [[ecology]]

source : Fritjof Capra: The Web of Life (excerpt)


  • Ecology is the study of natural relationships
  • Ecology forces a shift in perspective from objects to relationships and processes
  • [[Systems thinkers]] realized that laws of science were not enough, but we don’t need anything from the outside: we have to understand the relationships of matter
  • Capra says that there are two approaches to science: β€œWhat is it made of?” and β€œWhat is the pattern?”
  • A pattern isn’t material, it’s a set of relationships
    • Marx would probably disagree with this
  • Capra believes that consciousness is a property of life
  • An insight of [[cybernetics]] was noticing that life is made up of networks
  • Systems can correct themselves through the process of [[feedback]]
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