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11:46 log and daily standup

forgot to do this for the past few days... and i suppose it's not exactly the start of the day today either. oh well.

Previously, I:

  • Worked through all of the NixOS configuration ideas I had and formatted them, rephrasing in both my wiki and on github issues to map out future work

  • Started to learn colemak on my keyboard

today I'm going to:

  • Set up matrix, hosting both the web app and the server, on my VPS configuration

  • Get through all of the mails in my inbox

  • Fix my planck so that it always uses colemak so that I can continue to learn it

  • Ship the cards that I sold a few days ago

  • Hunt down my Google Fi SIM and deactivate it

  • Evaluate how I want to deal with the 'TODOs' in my wiki

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