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00:16 Let's assume

that you have already found and read all of the content you're interested in learning or doing. This means that you shouldn't expose yourself to new ideas or information.

Focus on learning and doing what you've thought about in the past!

Tomorrow I want to:

  • Fix keyboard

  • start FOSS android launcher (it shouldn't be too hard to clone the one I'm using now)

  • send some emails and get to an inbox of 0

  • make sure i can have my things picked up from the storage people

  • think about my backup system and network; it doesn't feel very seamless...

Open this up tomorrow and get to work!

19:17 progress

  • fixed keyboard

  • starting foss android launcher now

  • will check emails

  • will send email to storage people

  • will chart out network i slept most of the after noon but it will be better... may need to wear warmer clothes


editing notes when day changes is interesting because [[obsidian]] automatically goes to note for that day with the daily note button

I've been trying out new desktop environments. [[xfce]] is kinda slow not sure if it's just aging or if it's because it needs to load [[kde]] for the [[kwin]] window manager.

[[enlightenment desktop]]

  • fast but hideous UI
  • I think it messed with my network settings because it uses [[connman]]

I'm trying out [[lxqt]] which is fast but kinda ugly. I wish designers were more into lightweight [[desktop environment]]s

experimenting with different types of [[note refactoring]]

TIL [[flancian]] is in [[CET]] which is the same timezone as Paris and Rome


One of the things I like about tending my [[digital-garden]] is that there is no pressure on display or content, if I was feeling like writing a blog article I have to form complete sentences and such, but note taking, by design, is very free form.


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