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10:35 Some more thoughts and cleaning up links


Yesterday I:

  • Coordinated with Contra people

  • Figured out rental agreement

  • Wrote some code in IHP

  • Learned about Rust, Lua, Moonscript game dev

  • Set up some basic time and code tracking facilities

  • Set up Anki for learning a few interesting languages

  • Wasted a ton of time

Today I will:

  • Look into career fair

  • Fix up resume and apply to jobs in inbox

  • Perform Contra tasks for Monday and today

  • Submit rent application

  • Work on clojure programming language website

  • Finish story for Sandbox a-eye

  • Pair program IHP a bit

Links, etc.

Isabelle's journey on a train across Americawas intruiging - definitely something to learn about and try!

I'm journaling thanks to [[flancian]] encouraging me.

Life lately has been hectic. I'm trying to motivate myself to get back into [[python]] so I can work on [[agora]] code

I'm trying to quit smoking. That has been rough. Nicotene cravings are so overwhelming. One of the downsides to not journaling is that I don't discover new things that that puts a damper on my [[mental acuity]]

I've been trying to find [[muggle work]] but it's been a chore. I've been looking at [[light industrial work]] since that is usually pretty mindless. I live mindless labor. I feel like I can just dissociate and let the day go by lol

China, the world’s biggest car market, recently ordered that most new cars be powered by electricity in just 15 years.

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