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[2021-03-06 Sat 10:02]

Must remember to use [[emmet]] more in Emacs. It's super handy. It's built into [[web-mode]] in spacemacs, which comes with the html layer.

[2021-03-06 Sat 11:38]

Just went through the [[Quasar Framework]] intro tutorial. Really impressive, super easy to get up and running. Lots of useful components. I want to get a bit more familiar with [[Vue]] and work on my [[org-day-planner]] idea, and this is a fun way to do so so far.

That's good to know. But what I should work on first is the parsing of an underlying org file.

📓 1615007569.md (text) by @bmann

[[Codex]] 1 is one of a number of note taking [[tools for thought]] that I’ve been following on Twitter @codexeditor.

I hadn’t realized that the Codex Patreon was the main web presence other than the Twitter account. It’s actually great to see so many digital creators getting supported directly to build.

📓 1615009068.md (text) by @bmann

Well, this [@ctbeiser Twitter thread](https://twitter.com/ctbeiser/status/1367879838145540098 ) will help point me towards lots of other notes to flesh out:

if you were making a syllabus on [[tools for thought]] what would be your key inclusions?

especially interested in ones beyond the “obvious list”:

([[wikilinks]] added by me)

The video by @edelwax is pretty moving.

[@Dylan_Steck mentioned @edelwax recently](https://twitter.com/Dylan_Steck/status/1367623991704313857 ) as having coined [[Assisted Introspection]].

I don’t know how much deep study I’m going to do around these things. I’ve always been more about [[tinkerability]] and trying these things out in practice. And then maybe falling into the weeds of building out tech building blocks and standards and protocols.

📓 1615013114.md (text) by @bmann

More [[agora]] thoughts: what about pulling in openly licensed general purpose Git content?

For instance, terms.dev is a repository of software industry terms and definitions. It uses the [[Zola]] engine to build the live site, but the source is Markdown in git.

📓 2021-03-06.md (text) by @s5bug


  • Researched into 3d [[pathfinding]] to write an [[AI]] that would play [[Ocarina of Time]] [[randomizer]]s automatically.
  • Looked at how to do a [[TAS]]-only trick in [[Ocarina of Time]] to get Fire Arrows in the Max% Child run.
    • Max% Child is a [[speedrun]] category where as many items as possible are collected before becoming an adult.

    • Fire Arrows can be obtained by doing Get Item Manipulation in Desert Colossus:

      first you boomerang the arch heart piece over to the oasis. Then you guay hover out of bounds to the left of the oasis, fall down and jumpslash back into the water box. Drown while floating up and revive with a fairy while still out of bounds in the water. When you float up to the surface quickly grab the heart piece during the fucked up fairy cam. Then stay there and wait to be damaged out of the pickup animation by a guay or leever

      That's GID, then you guay hover in that state up to the silver gaunts chest to turn it into fire arrows, then you hover out of bounds AGAIN to hit the water and complete the gim

      This is certainly boring and will take a lot of time
      So good luck lmaoo

      We are talking HOURS of hovers


    • Learning how to do [[TAS]] movies in [[BizHawk]].

    • Learning the [[speedrun route]] for Max% Child: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yKPI4QPGug0p3Af1O7jZ5vdPUPmxlfQ3FvTSX60kIAY/edit?usp=sharing

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