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The High Blogging Era, defined by Robin Sloan as mid-2000s. Hmmm. I was there and was a part of it, and RSS and blogs was all there was, before Twitter and Facebook etcetera that then became labeled as social media.

[[Google Reader]] removed social features in 2011, and was shut down in 2013. I think the “high” era more properly is the mid 2000s until the fall of Reader. When many people were blogging, not just the early few. Maybe 8 years? A good run.

But everyone will have their own nostalgia tinged view.

Are we at the beginning of digital gardens and [[Second Brain]]s? Will this be looked back on as the High Era? I’m more interested in getting it into the hands of everyone. Hmmm. Has [[Nora Young]] done a segment on [[Spark]] yet? I should attempt to get on a CBC Radio morning or afternoon show to talk about it.

via Robin Rendle, Blogging and Dimly Lit Bars.


  • Were the planter class comparable to the kulaks?
  • Do the means justify the ends in revolution?
  • Does instrumentalism necessarily lead to structural issues, such as Stalinism?
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