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18:21 for the future:

implement a SAT solver to learn how it works try to incorporate elements of that paper which is super cool check out https://github.com/max-heller/sat for a brief student implementation! https://github.com/theseus-os/Theseus this looks very interesting as well - shifting responsibility to the programming language from the OS! figure out what this is! https://github.com/BillHallahan/G2


  • Imagine if your social media platform gave you, the individual, all the insights about you that the big tech platforms have about you but sell to others. Imagine if your platform built you a lovely [[digital garden]] to return to, out of whatever you posted to your stream.

Platforms optimize for chatter as “engagement,” not decision, resolution, or consensus. Community control is not in the spec.

[[Vanguard Stacks: Self-Governing against Digital Colonialism]]

The [[Agora]] describes itself as an experimental social network with an intent to coordinate users in the solving of problems.

giving [[literal]] another try because [[memex]] costs money to sync to mobile

I need to read through the [[ctzn]] whitepaper again, lots of goodies in there

Woke up with a headache, lots of stress, a lot of it good though [[good stress]]

I got accepted into a house I interviewed for. I'll probably be moving in the next couple of weeks

I talked to [[flancian]] a lot about possibly using [[ctzn]] as a [[data store]] and identity layer. I need to research the [[whitepaper]] some more to learn the nuances


  • create ctzn server on agora shell server for testing
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