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Back-journaled from 2021-08-20 as we got back late to the hotel, took a walk after a relatively late dinner in our first night in Genoa.

Took the 10:33 train to Milan, it was a pleasant ride that we've done several times before -- but of course not since the pandemic started.

It feels weird to be travelling again; we almost didn't follow through with the travel plans. It seemed... just a bit weird to be back to travelling while so many people are still heavily affectd by both the virus an its consequences. We're glad we did, though. It's good to see the world beyond our bubble, if we can do it reasonably, and 1w essentially across the border seems reasonable to us right now.

Ocell was another reason we had objections to travelling, but she is being taking care of by our neighbours, who are very sweet and even sent pictures of her today. We are very lucky!

After only 1h in Milan we took a second train to Genoa, where we'll spend a few days and tour the surroundings.

I need to do [[perf]] before next week, I think I'll grab a few hours tomorrow night and try to get it out of the way.


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