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  • Tried [[tab groups]] in vscode to handle my tab sprawl in [[foam]] and it nuked my tabs. Hit a weird bug in which it kept cycling through tabs uselessly too. Another day, another bug.
    • At laeast my [[foam]] is working a bit faster again after getting rid of hundreds of editors. Then again, [[wikilinki]] completion is still slow -- and I "only" have ~10k nodes so far. I fear [[foam]] will become unusable for me in a few more months unless I actively seek a fix.
  • Yesterday I spent a lot of time in developing the [[exec]] pattern in Agora server. With the light of another day, I wonder if I should have gone for a full client-side implementation instead for the simple things I had in mind: automatic [[wp]] subnodes pointing to the most relevant Wikipedia page for each node (when one is found through the Wikipedia API). But I still think the server-side [[exec]] pattern might come in handy, so I'll probably finish piping it through and enable a simple example.
  • Today I'd like to:
  • I also need to pack for the [[offsite]].
  • [[python in the browser]]
  • [[send it to the ceo]], a [[game]]
  • [[neil]]
  • [[vos y yo, juntos, venceremos a moloch]]
  • [[karl marx]]
  • [[scott aaronson]]


Twitter released internal research showing it “amplifies more tweets from rightwing politicians and news outlets than content from leftwing sources.” That’s something anyone paying attention has known for a while, but I guess it’s good to see the platform at least admit it

Twitter knows it’s spreading right-wing lies

So yes, it’s good to have proof of something we’ve known for a while, but don’t give Twitter too much credit when it’s still amplifying right-wing content and its CEO is not only complicit, but pushing right-wing trash of his own

Twitter knows it’s spreading right-wing lies

  • How may your [[art]] let everything and everyone [[fit]]?
  • By only engaging with [[art]] if it appears productive, you setup an exploitational relationship with art.
  • [[Form]] comes from [[emptiness]]. [[Art]] is a sort of form, so art needs emptiness to rise from.
  • We [[grow]] toward the [[Sun]]. Be like the sun- provide [[energy]], and others will grow toward you.

creating first entry at midnight because I have clinical [[OCD]]


[https://hapgood.us/2015/10/17/the-garden-and-the-stream-a-technopastoral/ the garden and the stream]

visited my first [[sunday pioneers]] meeting

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