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WTF Is Marxism? Dialectics Shake the World | Mortal Science

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  • Derrick says that the thing that unties Marxists historically is the [[labor theory of value]]
  • Ezri says that if you hold that [[socialism]] is just a form of managed capitalism, then you must think of [[exploitation]] in a different way than [[Marx]] did
  • Ezri says that [[dialectical materialism]] is, broadly, a [[philosophy of science]], not just social phenomena
  • [[Dialectics]] have been around since ancient Greek times as a means of argumentation, [[Hegel]]’s innovation is that he turns it into an ontology
    • Hegel’s dialectics only works on ideas because for Hegel ideas are the only things that are real
  • What is unique to capitalism is reinvestment and wage labor i.e. labor as a market
  • The business cycle appears once you get industrial production
  • Derrick remarks that a lot of state activity is the battling between various factions of the bourgeoisie rather than class antagonisms
  • “Communism is the removal of [[alienation]] from the productive realm”
  • Classical dialectics is about creating definitions from a description or discussion so as to move to axiomatic logic
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