The Erfurt Program | Karl Kautsky

source : The Erfurt Program 1891


[[Kautsky]] writes that the goal of the [[SPD]] is to fight for the liberation of all classes by means of proletarian liberation.

The demands of the [[SPD]] from the Erfurt Program are:

  1. Universal, equal, and direct suffrage with secret ballot
  2. Direct legislation
  3. Replacement of standing army with militia
  4. Abolition of all laws that place women at a disadvantage
  5. Abolition of all laws that limit freedom of speech
  6. Secularization of schools
  7. Free administration of justice and free legal assistance
  8. Free medical care
  9. Graduated income and property tax, abolition of all other kinds of tax

Further, they demanded:

  1. 8 hour work day
  2. Supervision of all working establishments to enforce safe working conditions
  3. Legal equality of agricultural laborers with industrial workers
  4. Safeguarding freedom of association
  5. Takeover of the Reich by a system of worker’s administration
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