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I posted about the [[glitch tiddlywiki setup]] on [[reddit]]. I hope that's not too self-aggrandizing -- for some reason, since spending so much time working on my website, ordinary [[social media]] feels very attention-seeking. Like that's the point of it. I don't think that's really true exactly -- that isn't how I used to feel when I was using it more... but since I'm used to, you know, [[Mastodon]], where my average post engagement is a flatline... my own intentionally flaky site metrics... the choice to use something normal, once removed from habit, seems like it could only be because you want to point the "discovery" eyeball hose at your thing. (I know that's not, like, reality, and of course I'm only musing on this because of a post made to a 2.1k-subscriber subreddit, which is, like, rounding error in Reddit terms, but...)

Anyway, I like the idea that [[glitch]] can make [[tiddlywiki]] point and click simple. Maybe it's not quite there. Always comes down to [[documentation]], doesn't it?

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