๐Ÿ“š node [[2022 06 13]]
  • Traveling to the [[US]] after three years!
    • For [[work]] but of course I'll try to enjoy the weekends as mini vacations (without going too crazy, I need rest).
    • Will be meeting friends in [[Raleigh]], [[Seattle]] and [[Portland]].
    • I plan to keep a travel journal in [[us trip 2022]], let's see if it sticks.
  • [[agora]]
    • Discussed options with [[mohammed]].
    • Lots of pending messages, I'll try to catch up on my free but jetlagged day after I get to [[Durham]].
    • [[agora server]]
      • review next action, see pending items from the weekend?
    • [[agora bridge]]
      • opt in writes is still pending and it seems relatively straightforward to do
    • I forgot to check out repositories locally so I wasn't able to work on any of this in the airplane (I don't like paying for wifi).
  • #push [[meta]] as of today, my [[digital garden]] has 247k words -- I checked using [[wc]].
    • Is that a lot? I just realized I have no idea, and having no internet currently, checking is not trivial.
      • I think a thesis has about 30k words, but I forget if that's bachelors or masters? And I might just be off.
      • 30k words is precisely what my journals so far have.
    • I started my garden back when I was using [[roam research]] in the first half of [[2020]].
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