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As you know, [[my toots expire]], and on this stream I wanted to show that. Live, I was deboosting and deleting. Some of my toots ended up on [[удалённое из мастодонта]], some boosts ended up being linked somewhere on that garden. Most didn't.

img { lapin 70 { I used this picture as a cover on PeerTube }}


  • 895 toots before
  • 809 toots after?

19 minutes in, I was rate-limited!! 51 minutes in, I was rate-limited again!! 69 minutes in, I was rate-limited again! After that, I got tired of it. I didn't expire enough toots to my taste.

A couple of people suggested that I use the built-in toot expiration capability. Turns out, it's not just a brutal reap of older posts, it has some kind of granularity, you can ask it to not delete favorited own posts! I think it's not enough.

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