๐Ÿ“š Node [[2023 03 03]]
  • Day off, making this a long weekend and travelling to [[Mรผnchen]] to meet friends and disconnect a bit!
    • And by disconnect I mean maybe be more offline, although maybe also I will end up writing in the Agora and that's completely OK.
    • I'm currently on the train to [[Munich]], looking a bit like a zombie (bags under my eyes) and feeling a bit sleeping, but happy. Through the window I can see the fields of [[Jura]].
  • [[Flancia]]
  • [[Myanmar]]
    • I remembered we considered going to Myanmar back when we were in Thailand (2016?) and would still love to go some day.
  • #push [[Category Theory]]

I will write [[Building Bridges]] -- some day? What does it mean by now? I've thought about it many times, and by now I wonder if when I actually start writing it it will just flow out from me -- or it won't.

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