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19:05 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://chat.collectivesensecommons.org/agora/channels/ogm-fellowship-of-the-link

Jerry Michalski says: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RAourQe_MKh0uWomLsS_V5ea3zm30g8paE49X56jIHs/edit

Jerry Michalski says: https://www.fellowshipofthelink.org/

19:12 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says: christopherjaldrich@gmail.com is probably a good email address for that 19:13 Diego Diego says: delahera@gmail.com

19:14 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://bra.in/4jXVP2

19:20 me says:that's [[rel8]]? 19:31 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:Does The Brain have a feed coming out of it to be able to find recent things someone else has put into it? 19:33 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:nyet. I asked Harlan for an RSS feed 15 years ago. still doesn't have one Jerry Michalski says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Toulmin#The_Toulmin_model_of_argument

Jerry Michalski says:Instathink? 19:40 me says:pixelfed ๐Ÿ˜ƒ plus mastodon with annotations 19:40 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:oh! one more project to describe: Think Camp 19:40 me says:and pixelfed and mastodon interop ๐Ÿ˜‰ 19:40 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:watch parties Jerry Michalski says:we're drowning in the infotorrent Jerry Michalski says:turning streams into gardens Jerry Michalski says: https://docdrop.org/video/XnoN7mCu9Yg/

Jerry Michalski says: https://bra.in/5pxdW6

19:48 Diego Diego says:lindylearn 19:49 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://lindylearn.io/blogs ?? 19:50 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:Jerry, closer to this: https://annotations.lindylearn.io/new/

19:51 me says: https://lindylearn.substack.com/ has some background 19:51 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:annotation tools https://bra.in/6qaBmj

Jerry Michalski says:reminder: I playfully bought this domain for these projects: https://www.playnz.dev/

Jerry Michalski says:also ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Jerry Michalski says:re the planes that Diego is describing Jerry Michalski says:I also like that the Big Fungus indirectly points to psilocybin... 19:55 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:The indieweb has explored the idea of mushrooms and a mycelium network Chris Aldrich says:which is a similar sort of analogy to what we're discussing 19:56 Diego Diego says:what is the problem of how to resolve them? 19:56 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:is this about content addressability? Jerry Michalski says:love that, Chris Jerry Michalski says:is Tantek still in the middle of the indieweb? Jerry Michalski says:if so, he's an old acquaintance. we can invite him in 19:58 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:Tantek is definitely in the center and on a daily basis. 19:58 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:schweet!

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