∂ part of node [[2020-11-02]]


  • Spoke to [[ding-levery]], [[abstractfairy]] about how the Agora could work.
  • Wrote [[agora-help]], [[foo]], [[wikilink]] as they're featured as examples in the Agora.
  • Fixed [[daily]], whose format was not working in the Agora.
  • Today:
    • Implemented backlinks.
    • Added logo.
  • Next:
    • Implement search (full text).
    • Move uwsgi/prod serving off my user into 'agora'.
    • Add monitoring/alerting.
    • Make the index be just another note [[ding-levery]].
    • Help [[s5bug]] and [[jonathan-the-utopian]] integrate.
    • Define special pages. Are there any?
      • README is already one, it seems.
      • CONTRACT seems important.
      • No more likely for now; we want to reserve all caps for things that are really special.
      • Nodal pages could become special over time. No need for caps really.