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  • [[braids]] + [[dust theory]] == [[?]]

  • [[samatha]]

  • TODO auto pull wp in empty nodes

  • TODO stop responding to hashtags in moa party

  • [[work]]

    • DONE stuff :)
  • [[flancia]]

    • I used to take Wednesdays off quite often to spend on Flancia -- but haven't for a while. there's a lot to do at work and I need to catch up.

    • Looking forward to getting back into it!

    • DONE I'll at least try to finish with work early tonight.

      • I stopped work early -- then worked some more in the night :) it felt nice at times, I wanted to catch up, not optimal but worth it I think
  • [[mathew lowry]]

    • it was great meeting him!
    • very interesting experience consulting
    • [[myhub]] is very interesting and seems to have a lot of potential overlap with the [[agora]]
    • [[pipeline]] design, with inboxes leading through processing/selection steps and then publishing to feeds which are consumed by other people as inputs
  • [[frijof capra]]

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