📕 subnode [[@flancian/2022 03 16]] in 📚 node [[2022-03-16]]
  • I want to prioritize [[agora protocol]] again. The node is a mess, too many ideas jumbled together.
    • Set up [[go/agora-protocol]] to point to the [[google doc]] again; it's the best collaboration artifact we have. Not free, but I think we can be pragmatic.
    • Will try to edit/close down comments. This and another doc had gotten relative traction but I somehow just dropped them from my todo list -- or never got to them. The pandemic and our response at work had to do with it for sure :)
  • [[agora]]
    • LATER remove [[logseq]] now/later/done cruft

    • DONE review [[vera]]'s PR for gitlab-based editing

    • LATER experiment again with more eager [[related nodes]], including also suffix matches? or even combinations

      • [[paneer]] should improve because of this :)
    • fix [[pull]] buttons in related nodes/transcluded

  • [[teleoflexuous]]
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