∂ part of node [[dej]]






  • [[jonathan]] busy, lots to read for the masters
    • now in the gallery scene ;)
  • [[armengol]] also busy, probably need a break
    • [[workaholic mode]]
    • sometimes feels like he's "lost the ability to have fun"
    • [[2h30m]] away from [[barcelona]]
    • when he goes he ends up meetings lots of people in a cluster/sequence
    • (reminded me of my visits to buenos aires)
    • when you're working too much, it's easy to become less efficience/diverge
    • exploratory mode?
  • [[topics]]
    • [[jonathan]] is there a simple way to get a git repository of markdown notes?
      • [[flancian]] [[kaleido]] is looking nice!
      • [[reading alexander]] repository could be an experiment
        • [[two modes]] at least:
          • conversation mode
          • [[do]]
        • nice thing about [[etherpad]] in an activity yesterday is that it can be ephemeral; it can be unstructured; it can have structure
    • ui / ux experiments
    • [[roadmap]]
    • [[push]] [[do]]
      • incorporate reading alexander into the agora
    • [[armengol]] how did you manage taking notes for [[reading alexander]]?
      • [[jonathan]] mostly on paper; tried transferring later but couldn't make the time