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Alejandro Jodorowsky garden/jonathan/Alejandro Jodorowsky.md
Andrey Tarkovsky garden/jonathan/Andrey Tarkovsky.md
Anki garden/jonathan/Anki.md
Applications of Automata Theory and Algebra garden/jonathan/Applications of Automata Theory and Algebra.md
Applied Utopia and Constructive Optimism garden/jonathan/Applied Utopia and Constructive Optimism.md
Benno Kaschner Russo garden/jonathan/Benno Kaschner Russo.md
cat-vibing garden/jonathan/cat-vibing.md
Christopher Alexander garden/jonathan/Christopher Alexander.md
Cognitive artifacts garden/jonathan/Cognitive artifacts.md
Das Vollkommene Leben garden/jonathan/Das Vollkommene Leben.md
DEJ garden/jonathan/DEJ.md
Gilles Deleuze garden/jonathan/Gilles Deleuze.md
Gusto Gräzer garden/jonathan/Gusto Gräzer.md
inbox garden/jonathan/inbox.md
Literary Machines garden/jonathan/Literary Machines.md
Michael Hampe garden/jonathan/Michael Hampe.md
Mini-curriculum-on-applied-category-theory-and-engineering-design garden/jonathan/Mini-curriculum-on-applied-category-theory-and-engineering-design.md
MTR garden/jonathan/MTR.md
Nordbrücke garden/jonathan/Nordbrücke.md
Omnitopia garden/jonathan/Omnitopia.md
Pattern language for thinking in groups garden/jonathan/Pattern language for thinking in groups.md
patterning reading group report garden/jonathan/patterning reading group report.md
Things that help me with sleep garden/jonathan/Things that help me with sleep.md
Utopia Studies garden/jonathan/Utopia Studies.md