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First post. New day new post

It's new years eve mother fuckers, tomorrow is 2021 wtf

Learned about [[lemmy]] I built [[lemmur]] from source with [[flutter]]

[[sessionbox]] allows you to login multiple times at once to a site

[[pinafore]] and [[brutaldon]] are lightweight fedi clients

started using [[xmpp]] again with [[conversations]] on [[android]] and [[dino]] on desktop

found [[lainsafe]] file upload service. also found [[wetransfer]]

found [[librephotos]] google photo alternative

found [[cmd.fm]] which plays radio from a web based [[cli]], it's novel but not super useful

also playing with [[nano.page]] looks like some shared knowledge graph or something. Doesn't look like it brings anything new to the table except maybe that the social aspect could be interesting

bring a belt to [[shae]] for jeans

I saw blue sky today and it made my day

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