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editing notes when day changes is interesting because [[obsidian]] automatically goes to note for that day with the [[daily note]] button

I've been trying out new desktop environments. [[xfce]] is kinda slow not sure if it's just aging or if it's because it needs to load [[kde]] for the [[kwin]] window manager.

[[enlightenment desktop]]

  • fast but hideous UI
  • I think it messed with my network settings because it uses [[connman]]

I'm trying out [[lxqt]] which is fast but kinda ugly. I wish designers were more into lightweight [[desktop environment]]s

experimenting with different types of [[note refactoring]]

TIL [[flancian]] is in [[CET]] which is the same timezone as Paris and Rome


One of the things I like about tending my [[digital-garden]] is that there is no pressure on display or content, if I was feeling like writing a blog article I have to form complete sentences and such, but note taking, by design, is very free form.


[note refactoring]: note refactoring.md "note refactoring" [flancian]: flancian.md "flancian" [svelte]: svelte.md "svelte" [digital-garden]: digital-garden.md "digital-garden" [//end]: # "Autogenerated link references"

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