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  • As of [[2020-12-12]] I work for Google. I have done so for eight years.
  • A good employer.
    • My coworkers tend to be great-to-amazing.
    • Compensation is good.
    • Many of the company's products are useful.
  • I'm not a huge fan of ads but I think that showing/seeing ads in exchange of free services is a reasonable proposition, when it's clear.
    • It'd be better if it was always optional.

Once when I was younger I found myself in google Cambridge. I was perhaps a [[stan]] for google, making everyone aware of my android [[superiority complex]] (I am slightly autistic), before I understood what google really meant for me as a consumer. As an employee, however, it is a far fetched dream. I recall everything, the secret nap room, the healthy-snacks-but-shh-down-here-we-keep-[[oreo]]s, the [[firepole]], even the texture on the elevator doors. It must have been 10 years ago, but dreams die hard.

I now understand life is never really going to amount to personal-projects-on-company-dime and [[nap]] time, but a large part of me still dreams to experience that work space.

Perhaps one day I will be good enough, until then that's why a [[dream]] is a [[dream]]

Thanks for reminding me Flancian ;)

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