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Agora Action

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  • An [[action]] is a verb, wikilinked, that is included in a block and triggers some behaviour in the [[agora]] or some related tool.
  • Supported actions as of [[2021-01-07]]:
  • See also: [[do]], for actions most often performed by humans.
  • [[pull]] [[agora action]] [[actions]]


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In reinforcement learning, the mechanism by which the agent transitions between states of the environment. The agent chooses the action by using a policy.

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  • a [[list]].
  • an [[agora feature]]
    • The Agora can trigger actions in the context of a node when said node includes a block with a [[wikilink]] or [[hashtag]] representing an [[intent]]. Those intents include [[actions]].
    • If you tell an [[agora]] about your intents in your notes, it will actuate them for you if it can. If it can't, it'll keep a record of the request and fulfill it once it's tractable.
    • Some intents might be fulfilled transparently by humans.

https://twitter.com/flancian/status/1383438976283856900 https://twitter.com/flancian/status/1329890862499770368

  • in the [[agora]] we actions that trigger certain internal actions

  • list of common actions

    • #go-link
    • #pulll
    • #push
  • I'm tempted to create a different action format because:

    • action links (most notably #go-link links) mess with my graph view in obsidian
    • they aren't [[wikilinks]] they are categorcially different things
    • pitfalls of changing
      • requires restructuring current code
      • people are already using the current fomat
  • proposed alternatives

    • action:{{action name}}
    • tag format e.g. #go-link #push
      • I'm actually starting to like this version better
  • issues

    • an agora can only support a finite list of actions so we need to configure them somewhere
    • #todo
      • [ ] create config.yaml
      • [ ] add actions to config yaml
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