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Agora Editor

  • In essence, all you really need to use the [[Agora]] is the capability to make Markdown (or just text, really) files publicly available somewhere. I use [[foam]] to produce and manage my notes, and [[git]] to store them online.
  • As of [[2021-01-03]], the recommended Agora editor is [[foam]].
  • You can also use:
  • Or you can reach out :) Send email (I know, how quaint!) to signup@anagora.org, or DM [[flancian]] on Twitter, Mastodon, or any other platform.
  • See also:
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Agora Install

  • To contribute to the [[Agora]], you need to write down notes or posts in [[Markdown format]] and upload your notes to a git repository of your choice. These steps are expanded below.
    • Get a [[github]] account if you don't have a git host already: https://github.com.
    • If you don't have a [[personal knowledge management]] system of choice to manage your notes, we currently recommend [[foam]]: https://foambubble.github.io/foam/ (see [[agora editor]] for alternatives). To use foam:
      • Fork its template repository: https://github.com/foambubble/foam-template/. You can use any name you desire for your repository.
      • Install [[vscode]] if necessary: https://code.visualstudio.com/download. Launch it.
      • Select 'clone repository' -- if you're using [[github]], log in with [[github]]. Authorize [[vscode]] to make changes to your account. It sometimes requires you to retry once for some reason.
        • [[vscode]] should offer to install recommended extensions. Say yes.
      • You can now use [[foam]]:
        • Press alt-d to start a new daily note (your journal).
        • Write [[wikilinks]] to link to other pages.
        • Control-click them to visit existing linked notes or create them if needed.
        • ctrl-p to open an existing note.
        • ctrl-shift-p to bring up the [[vscode]] command palete; you can search for any command and see keyboard shortcuts.
        • Whenever you want to commit to your repository (and the Agora), save all files and use the "branch-like" icon on the left toolbar to review changes and write a commit message.
        • You may need to set a user.name and user.email in git. To do this, open the terminal in [[vscode]] and type:
          • git config --global user.name "Your Name"
          • git config --global user.email "yourname@example.com"
  • Then send email to signup@anagora.org or a Twitter DM to [[flancian]] with:
    • The URL of your repo.
    • Your desired username (can be distinct from that of your git host).
    • Confirmation that you agree to the Agora's [[contract]] (only the one by the @agora user; other contracts are optional).
  • Non-git sources and formats other than [[Markdown]] will be supported in the future; if you store your notes using some other system, please reach out.
  • See also (needs updating): agora howto.
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