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Auto Commit Messages

  • [[jonathan]] and [[luciana]] both complained about having to write commit messages in [[foam]] when using the [[agora]].
  • The solution is:
    • Create a text file in your garden; I call mine commit.txt.
    • Write in it whatever you would like all your commit messages to default to; you can just press enter and get whatever you have in this file.
    • Run this in that directory: git config --local commit.template commit.txt
      • In VSCode, you can press ctrl-shift-c and get a terminal in which you should be able to paste that command. Presumably :) Let me know if this doesn't work for you!
    • Optional: bind a key combination to "commit all". I use ctrl-shift-a.
      • Press ctrl-k ctrl-s (this means to hold control and press k and s in succession).
      • Type 'commit all' to find the matching command.
      • Double click on it, press ctrl-shift-a, enter.
      • Now you can press ctrl-shift-a and all files will be saved and then submitted to your git repo, and from there to the Agora.
      • See [[agora settings]] for more.
      • A stands for [[agora]] :)
📖 stoa (open document) at doc.anagora.org/auto-commit-messages
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