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My blog is https://beepb00p.xyz, so far it's been for long form posts, whereas exobrain is for more raw unprocessed thoughts and notes.

Here I collect notes/todos relevant to improving the blog experience.


I mark things I want to write about with 'toblog' tag [[toblog]]

exobrain is a staging area for my blog [[exobrain]]

* why blog?

[2019-11-08] Alexey Guzey [[self]]

I wanted to make my vision of the future more probable

* inspiration (design/presentation)

[2020-01-17] Singing in the Wilderness

right, so pretty nice design

[2019-04-21] Большой пост о том, как я переезжал в Берлин :: Вастрик.ру

Very good blog post!

[2019-04-23] Во многом благодаря рисункам, как мне кажется. Норм мотивация поучиться рисовать [[hobby]] [[drawing]]

[2019-11-21] Projects | Intuitive Explanations

have list of my projects? moslty populate from github?


[2019-05-29] Accessing list metadata in Hakyll

looks like nice sidenotes …

  • [2019-07-20] implemented via tables though..

[2019-06-01] ink & switch: Local-first software

nice side annotations

  • [2019-07-20] ok, used this. TODO credit

[2019-05-30] March 2019 news - Gwern.net

gwern.net CSS changes: Tufte-style sidenotes (for displaying footnotes in margins on wide screens) via Obormot’s new JS library, sidenotes.js

Offer to help [[jonbo]] [[blog]]

requests and/or offers of help: what are you looking for, and how are you willing to help others? Always be willing to pay it forward.

[2021-01-14] XXIIVV — left [[exobrain]] [[blog]] [[inspiration]]

A web version was initially created to help rekka with the writing of wiktopher,

very nice {internal} vs [external] link syntax

[2019-02-21] Beau Gunderson

  • State "DONE" from [2019-04-06]

realtime qs… whoa

[2019-04-06] ok, but nothing too exciting apart from projects list design (cv)

[2019-06-29] also nice design and colors [[blog]]

[2021-02-06] I definitely want it for blog, much better than github pins (maybe also plot activity over time) [[blog]]

[2020-12-30] Agora [[self]] [[blog]] [[inspiration]]

* visual style

all stuff in TOC should have proper links [[blog]]

Display TODO as lowercase? [[exobrain]] [[blog]]

perhaps tags should be displayed on top in the post? [[blog]]

Shit links are very hard to see without contacts/in dark

for me, Recoll is mostly for searching and quickly jumping to results in PDFs and EPUBs (see screenshot). There is helm-recoll

[2020-11-01] [Thomas Kainrad on Twitter: "About once a month, someone sends me an email to ask how I implemented the position-aware TOC sidebar on my blog. The answer is Tocbot: https://t.co/ifVHpq5C8Z https://t.co/q6eAzYv855" / Twitter](https://twitter.com/ThomasKainrad/status/1322928321097814016 ) [[blog]]

About once a month, someone sends me an email to ask how I implemented the position-aware TOC sidebar on my blog.
The answer is Tocbot:


* feed

[2019-12-21] rss feeds sometimes have limits?

ugh! need to minify?

* markup improvements

e.g. making it cleaner and more semantic

detect multiple items with same id? [[exobrain]] [[blog]]

[2020-01-10] Stop using so many divs! An intro to semantic HTML - DEV Community [[html]] [[exobrain]]


[2020-01-18] org-html-timestamp – to time

https://merveilles.town/@lains/103527776315019237 abbr as tooltip [[exobrain]] [[html]] [[blog]]

I like to use <abbr> when I can :D
Free tooltip for something without having to CSS a tooltip.

[2020-02-12] Use a:visited in your CSS stylesheet [[css]] [[blog]]


[2020-02-15] This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web [[blog]]


Stick with the 13 web safe fonts +2

[2021-01-27] need to merge with https://beepb00p.xyz/site.html I guess…


[2020-01-23] Web bloat [[bloat]]


[2019-12-27] The Open Graph protocol [[blog]]


The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook.

[2020-01-18] add description?

[2020-01-18] How do you clear the Open Graph cache of an URL on Telegram? - Stack Overflow

[2020-09-12] hikerpig/marka-js [[blog]] [[exobrain]]

Marka is a JavaScript lib that runs in the browser, it will mark anchor elements and add icons according to the href. It is inspired by https://beepb00p.xyz and anchorjs.

[2020-03-19] my jinja templats were basically code with if and for statements

[2020-04-09] karlicoss: "Also, the total size of Hakyll code is 500 LOC (w…" - Merveilles [[blog]]


Also, the total size of Hakyll code is 500 LOC (without the comments), which supports my guess that Haskell isn't necessarily good for such task.
(And that doesn't take the Hakyll library itself into account!)

arguments against compiling in emacs: it's single threaded? [[exobrain]] [[emacs]] [[blog]]

nice thing about using @cache is that I don't have to mess with inotify. there are very few inputs for my blog and I can just check them every second [[blog]]

I guess the only downside is
I need poke-symlink which gets around inotify anyway!

mention configuring github actions for automatic releases? [[blog]]

I find it very useful? to read post on a mobile device [[blog]] [[writing]]

I guess different screen size makes your reading patterns different, so you notice different things

tell about id checks, so they don't contribute to link rot [[exobrain]] [[blog]]

add anchors, so it's easy to link to specific parts of the post

get material for posts from HN and reddit comments [[blog]]

[2019-05-07] shit, org mode generates some random ids every time [[blog]] [[org]]

[2019-05-09] add importance, so it's easier to skip over not necessarily interesting stuff (like sufs) [[blog]]

[2019-05-09] for sufs, would be good to have a special 'github' type of post? not sure how to cache local/offline copy… or just need to merge md files [[blog]]

[2019-05-07] rerender regularly so I could fix typos etc? [[blog]]

Can I base in on or perhaps manual inotify or something?? use folder differen than _site for output?

[2020-02-07] The /now page movement | Derek Sivers


add 'site longevity' section or something [[blog]]

[2020-06-03] upload to archive automatically?

isso comments converter should have failed at the empty database. seriously, what the fuck [[blog]]

isso: trying multiple comments threads on ideas page

#+HTML: <script data-isso="https://beepb00p.xyz/comments/"
#+HTML:         data-isso-reply-to-self="true"
#+HTML:         src="https://beepb00p.xyz/comments/js/embed.js">
#+HTML: </script>
#+HTML: </script>
#+HTML: <section
#+HTML:     id="isso-thread"
#+HTML:     data-isso-id="isso_pkm_search"
#+HTML: ></section>

Myinfra comments are lost, ugh! [[blog]]

(during isso outage almost for a month)

[2019-11-02] Building personal search infrastructure https://beepb00p.xyz/pkm-search.html

reactions would be quite nice to have, as a means of acknowledgement

[2019-02-18] Overview https://posativ.org/isso/docs

No anonymous comments (IP address, email and name recorded), hosted in the USA, third-party. Just like IntenseDebate, livefrye etc. When you embed Disqus, they can do anything with your readers (and probably mine Bitcoins, see the loading times).

try to base my comments off an anonymous hypothesis instance? [[blog]]

maybe even try to set up hypothesis-based comments? might require an elaborate overlay though? also serve static version [[blog]]

really need to do smth about comments; perhaps find comments without replies and use orger? [[blog]]

[2019-02-19] Commenting server

Here you go:

Parameter Commento Isso Schnack
Latency (50% percentile) 17 ms 169 ms 236 ms
Latency (99% percentile) 132 ms 664 ms 313 ms
Requests per second 21,764 RPS 692 RPS 3,392 RPS
Memory usage 240 kB 2.2 MB 2.4 MB
Payload 15.9 kB 173 kB 40 kB

[2019-02-09] Isso – a commenting server similar to Disqus [[grasp]]

  • State "DONE" from "STRT" [2019-02-19]
  • State "STRT" from [2019-02-18]


[2019-02-18] ok, so in sqlite table, it uses urls… I guess that should make migration easy (if necessary at ll)

[2019-02-19] ok, isso is pretty good. easy to set up, administer, etc

Commento – dunno. also it's in Go

[2018-11-15] adtac/commento-ce: A fast, bloat-free discussion platform https://github.com/adtac/commento-ce

[2019-02-09] Commento / Commento · GitLab https://gitlab.com/commento/commento

[2019-02-09] Commento is a lightweight, privacy-focused, self-hostable alternative to Disqus : selfhosted https://www.reddit.com/r/selfhosted/comments/7fx99u/commento_is_a_lightweight_privacyfocused /

[2019-02-09] vkuznecovas/mouthful: Mouthful is a self-hosted alternative to Disqus https://github.com/vkuznecovas/mouthful

[2019-02-09] Schnack - simple self-hosted comment system for static websites https://schnack.cool

[2019-07-06] Articles - Physiqonomics http://physiqonomics.com/articles [[writing]]

got a really good style, and I like pictures

metadatacachetime=60 – adjust [[blog]]

YBlog - Hakyll setup


[2018-11-24] fniessen/org-html-themes: How to export Org mode files into awesome HTML in 2 minutes https://github.com/fniessen/org-html-themes [[org]]

[2020-01-18] Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

[2019-07-03] leungwensen/svg-icon: An ultimate SVG icons collection DONE RIGHT, with over 10,000 SVG icons out of the box.


[2019-05-30] Accessing list metadata in Hakyll


[2019-12-21] Devine Lu Linvega: "I'll try and generate a beautiful .txt version of…" - Merveilles https://merveilles.town/@neauoire/103313823155208496

if you stick to a few basic tags, going to pure txt should only take a bit of code (and is probably already doable with lynx --dump)

[2020-03-09] (Ángel)μν on Twitter: "1/15) What is the Hamiltonian? And why is it so special? Most importantly, how does it relate to Lagrangian mechanics and give us equations of motion? This is a thread on how H, the Hamiltonian can tell you the same story as L, the Lagrangian. [Warning: Technical thread] https://t.co/B18nwRAO7f" / Twitter [[publish]] [[blog]]

<https://twitter.com/astroparticular/status/1198070673819619328 >
tweet short summaries of my blog posts?

not sure about karlicoss.github.io in referrers [[blog]]

[2020-02-15] This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web https://jeffhuang.com/designed_to_last/ [[blog]]

But why not? Well, you don't save much because your web pages should be gzipped before being sent over the network, so preemptively shrinking your content probably doesn't do much to save bandwidth if anything at all.

[2021-01-29] commentpara.de - IndieWeb [[blog]]

commentpara.de is an anonymous commenting system for the indieweb.

ok, this seems like the best choice

[2019-12-03] myles/awesome-static-generators: A curated list of static web site generators. https://github.com/myles/awesome-static-generators

[2020-06-24] Text-only websites [[plaintext]] [[blog]]

[2021-01-29] Hypothesis [[blog]]


make a link to hypothesis comments, this looks quite good

[2021-04-07] Computers and Creativity [[blog]]

inspiration: nice scroll progress on top

404 page pointing at github blog/exobrain search [[blog]]

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