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  • greetings!
    • dialing in from Iowa
    • exploring the US
    • spent seven months in Italy (Sorrento!)
  • [[sorrento]]: [[building beauty]]
  • [[bryan]]
    • undergrad in architecture
    • got a job building homes for the mega rich, didn't like it
    • worked for smaller offices after that
    • came back to [[iowa]]
    • trying to figure out how to work remotely, would like to work 3-4h a day
    • like also working with [[leather]], [[clay]]; ornamental building
  • [[flancian]]
  • interested in:
    • [[flancia]]
    • [[agora]]
    • what do you do about bad actors?
    • what about people that want to take over? or want to own intellectual property
  • [[bryan]]
    • mad about how the world is, but still hopeful
    • have tried a few times to get people together
    • dream is now to build a prototype for an ornamental building
  • finding people that want similar living arrangements
  • [[patterning]] == [[reading alexander]]
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