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  • [[2022-03-20 13:10:13]] [[@charismatic_shell:matrix.org]] (link):
    • Something I noticed about [[bridge]]s is that different messaging software has different ideas. For example, [[IRC]] has single-line messages. When bridging with [[Telegram]], multi-line messages are sent as several messages. Also, images. Telegram has captions, [[Matrix]] does not. &c. Problems arise. But connecting different places sure is great
  • [[2022-05-11 21:40:50]] [[@flancian:matrix.org]] (link):
    • [[moa schema]]:
    • table [[bridge]] contains one row per moa user, with separate fields prefixed twittter_, mastodon_, instagram_ for auth tokens and last cross posted resource
    • [[bridgemetadata]] maps bridges to workers, keeps track of time of last tweet/toot
    • [[bridgestat]] has counts and such -- unsure why it's a separate table from the above
    • [[mapping]] contains the association of a mastodon post id and a twitter id, unsure why it doesn't have instagram (perhaps it was created after instagram broke?)
    • [[mastodon host]] contains information about the instances
    • [[settings]] has all the checkboxes from the UI
    • [[workerstat]] does what it says in the tin :)

this is all managed with [[alembic]], which I still haven't learnt :) but mean to.

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