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⥅ related node [[a big problem here is that advertising particularly advertising on the internet by which i mean]]
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⥅ related node [[clearly the only thing that can defeat trump now is the veneration by chaotes of an even older]]
⥅ related node [[criticism that s primarily transmitted by teachers is limited in scope after all most people who]]
⥅ related node [[cyberpunk sadly died in infancy what s worse is it was replaced by a changeling]]
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⥅ related node [[early attempts at implementing transcopyright essentially a system by which quote attribution is]]
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⥅ related node [[here s a heuristic if a task is made significantly easier by a framework it shouldn t be done in]]
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⥅ related node [[i hypothesize that the chumbox gets populated by items that intersect along the lines of author or]]
⥅ related node [[i strongly recommend in the rare cases when writing html by hand is untenable rolling your own]]
⥅ related node [[if we can do this and it s certainly technically possible we can break siloization by doing the]]
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⥅ related node [[struck by lightning]]
⥅ related node [[the agora is a social network built by the people for the people]]
⥅ related node [[the basic reason why we don t have the systems envisioned by kay nelson engelbart etc]]
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⥅ related node [[the prototype for clubhouse is 40 years old and it was built by phone hackers]]
⥅ related node [[the righteous mind by jonathan haidt]]
⥅ related node [[the thing about cultural niches is that they are created by and for mass media as a novelty]]
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