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Below lies a list an outdated of all categories with manual descriptions. You might also want to look at a machine-generated [[/category]], which is up-to-date, but lacks description.

[[2022-03-26]] I installed a new version (a pre-release, actually) of [[Mycorrhiza]] for [[Melanocarpa]] which had [[categories]]. This exact hypha I am writing is the 200th hypha on this wiki, a good milestone. After categorizing 200 hyphae, I found out this is not an easy task. Big ontology thoughts. Categories //concept// and //ligilaro// are not good?

= The list => /category/project | My projects => /category/media | Multimedia hyphae => /category/article | Articles that are of higher quality than most of stuff around here => /category/meta => /category/person => /category/object | Something I have => /category/todo => /category/event => /category/program => /category/babylon

[[2022-04-17]] I removed the link to this hypha from the top bar.

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