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Climate Action Plan for Councils

URL : https://takeclimateaction.uk/take-action/our-campaign

[[Climate action]] for [[councils]].

"A 50-point plan to tackle the climate and nature emergencies and coronavirus recovery."


The Climate Action Plan for Councils contains 50 actions that councils can take to make their area more climate and nature friendly, and is split into key areas like:

  • Protecting our most vulnerable from the effects of climate change.
  • Ensuring new builds are well insulated and have eco-aware fittings.
  • Increasing and improving public transportation provisions.
  • Enabling and supporting the use of renewable energy.
  • Promoting sustainable consumption in order to to become a zero-waste area
  • Ensuring everyone has access to green spaces.

Essentially, the goal of the plan is to ensure that climate and nature restoration goals are front and centre in all decision-making and investments.

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