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Climate & Revolution: How do we transition from catastrophe?

A : [[podcast]]

URL : https://www.gndmedia.co.uk/podcast-episodes/climate-revolution-how-do-we-transition-from-catastrophe

Featuring : [[Kai Heron]] / [[Jodi Dean]]

Nice interview. I like Heron and Dean. On [[revolutionary transition]] and the ideas from [[Leninism]] (though not necessarily the [[Bolsheviks]] / [[Russian Revolution]]) as a means to work towards that.

  • ~00:05:39 Some kind of revolution/transition is going to happen regardless - is happening already to some degree. So we should be on top of the direction that it takes. (Sounds similar to [[Climate Leviathan]] here?)
  • Need for party, criticisms of Occupy, etc.
  • ~00:16:25 Positives of COP - they're talking about transition, and at least theiyre working at the global scale.
  • Rupture vs incrementalism - why we don't necessarily need to work within the bounds of existing structures (e.g. the existing Labour Party).
  • ~00:27:25 Leninism contributes towards the idea of revolutionary non-linearity.
  • ~00:29:45 Leninism is thinking at the right scale. And it thinks about transition.
  • ~00:43:34 Direct action is a tactic not a strategy - e.g. XR use it well as a tactic - but to support a flawed strategy.

Advice: join a union. Support [[Don't Pay UK]]. Get involved in organising.

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