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Collaborative memory palaces

I think I would like some kind of virtual experience where I have my own [[Memory Palace]], the method of loci, the visual virtual space in your head where you walk through as you recall things. But not just for recall, for construction too. I would invite other people in and they help me build it and I help on theirs too, we build them together.

Some kind of mashup at the intersection of hypermedia systems like [[HyperCard]], MOOs like LambdaMOO, [[commonplace books]], blogs, microblogs, [[personal wikis]].

A Memory MUD. Or Memory Moo.

I wonder if this is some terrain where [[Spritely]] is going? That would be rad.

I like Emsenn's website, it has a bit of a MUD-feel. They were also writing a personal MUD engine at one point where the aim was to recreate the personal wiki approach.

There are probably some linkages to [[OERs]] and [[MOOCs]], given the collaborative learning aspect of it that I want.

The [[Metaverse]].

Lo and behold! There is a research paper on collaborative memory palaces, from nearly 20 years ago: iScape: A collaborative memory palace for digital library search results.



[[Networked learning]].

[[Spatial software]].

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