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Historically, a Colophon was "a statement at the end of a book, typically with a printer's emblem, giving information about its authorship and printing" (via Google Dictionary).

So, I keep notes on what software and other tools I use, in part as notes to myself.

My [[Blog Colophon]] documents software & changes all the way to 2001.

[[This site was last built: {{ site.time | date: '%B %e, %Y'}}::lmn]]


[[Simply Jekyll]] theme for Jekyll. If you want to run it yourself, I've got some public work around this with the [[Simply Jekyll Template]].

Using [[VSCode]] on my desktop to edit.ß

Hosting on [[Fission]]. [[Cloudflare]] is powering the DNS and using [[Cloudflare IPFS Gateway]].

Source code is public on Github at bmann/bmcgarden. [[Connecting to the Agora]] as of jan 24th, 2021.

Changed fission app from ancient-aquamarine-metalic-princess.fission.app to bmcgarden.fission.app and updating Cloudflare.

Switched over Notes and Links pages to use modified. Added Git Links to the Links page. Disabled the jekyll last_modified plugin, which never seemed to work in any case.


  • More work on [[Feeds]] and modified vs date

To Do

  • Add the link and git fields to the body in the Recent Links feed
  • Look at side / margin notes and just use footnotes everywhere, possibly using [[BigfootJS]]


bmannconsulting garden & gazebo (Sept 2020)

Well, WikiJS didn't last long. The public site is back to running [[Jekyll]], starting from the [[Digital Garden Jekyll Template]] and its custom [[Backlinks]] plugin.

The public site is the "garden", which is in a public folder inside the "gazebo", where I can keep private notes. Stored in a private [[Github]] repo.

Since I have my DNS on [[Cloudflare]], ended up using the [[Cloudflare IPFS Gateway]] to link my site up to where it is hosted on the [[Fission]] platform. Which means the whole thing is on [[IPFS]]. You can browse the archive 2020 folder to see the bare IPFS directories underneath.

I build the site locally and then publish to Fission.

The [[Garden and the Gazebo]] has a write up about the setup and the thinking behind what, why, and how.

bmann wiki, bmannconsulting.com WikiJS (May 2020)

As of May 2020:

  • Did some research on Markdown-based flat file / git wikis, thinking about integrating with my blog
  • After looking at the options, keeping the wiki separate and keeping it as WikiJS still makes sense; this was originaly wiki.bmann.ca (which now redirects here) and the bulk of it was food / travel stuff aka [[Duck Ramen Wiki]]
  • Imported the [[Jekyll]]-based blog that was at bmannconsulting.com into the [[Archive]] including bringing in some trimmed and posterous-era stuff back online

Still a WIP, and will write up a blog post once things have settled

wiki.bmann.ca WikiJS (Aug 2018)

As of August 6th, 2018:

  • Running on [[WikiJS]]
  • Hosted on [[Heroku]], initially installed using the Heroku deployment
  • Git is stored in a private [[Gitlab]] repo

wiki.bmann.ca Tiddlywiki (Nov 2016)

This site is created using [[Jekyll]] using the [[Digital Garden Jekyll Template]].

It is hosted on [[Gitlab Pages]]. The domain is registered at Google Domains.

You can make edits and contribute to the code in the fedstoa/moaparty/moaparty.com repo.

📖 stoa (open document) at doc.anagora.org/colophon
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