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We care a lot about the things we tend to dismiss, and we are pretty picky. There are aspects of concepts we're interested in and not interested in.

What does 'caring' about something mean? What does contentedness mean?

We choose to appreciate things in our lives based on how we live them; we choose what matters most to us adn what doesn't. We should truly appreciate what we have rather than striving to appreciate the things that we don't. It's also important to avoid letting bad things bother you -- they do nothing but take away your joy and content.

Tynan's 'not caring about food' is really just his observation that not having fancy meals will not decrease his contentedness. Life events can impact us without impacting our attitudes towards our daily lives and belongings.

"appreciate everything, need nothing"

  • Achieve everything you can

  • Be content with what you have now : )

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