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dylan steck



  • potential overlap/collaboration areas/areas of shared interested
  • [[actions]]
  • [[bulletpoint trees]] as sufficient to encode logic
  • efficient transfer of [[context]]
    • [[context]] == [[node]] in the agora, the core abstraction
  • [[trails]] == [[tours]]
  • smaller tractable goals vs huge vision
    • the tool itself as a way to manage this complexity
    • [[cooperation]] as a way to manage complexity
  • limitations of extension approach
    • browser packs?
  • people you should likely talk to (you probably know them already)
  • general [[feedback]]
    • [[open source]] seems like it would offer many
    • share (e.g. the cortex whitepaper) for comments; this could be having it be in a public URL and requesting comments through hypothes.is, for example.
    • it is unclear
⥱ context
⟴ stoa
public document at stoa.anagora.org/p/dylan-steck