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I had known about Federated Wiki for a while, hearing about it through IndieWeb originally and Wikity. But I never really grokked or explored it.

I then started getting in to personal wikis in 2019.

And then in 2021 after reading the chapter on Federated Wiki in [[Free, Fair and Alive]] and [[Mike Hales]] posting on social.coop about how some of the neighbourhood features works has made me understand more about the exciting ideas it encapsulates.

I'm not yet using it because I'm happy with my wiki in org-roam but I'd like to explore Federate Wiki and its ideas more, one way or another.

Federated Wiki sites share pages circulating within a creative commons. A single-page browser application can read from many sites at once and save changes in that browser. Users who host their own sites can login there to have their edits shared back to the federation as they edit. [http://fed.wiki.org/view/welcome-visitors website]

FedWiki is the next wiki-generation. It is a [[software]] that allows everybody to create individual wiki pages while circulating its content in a global - federated - environment. It opens multiple paths for individual knowledge organization while demanding equal responsibility in creating a knowledge [[commons]] . This knowledge commons emerges out of thousands of wiki sites people freely contribute to.

In short: FedWiki provides an [[discrimination-free infrastructure]] that allows for co-creation in diversity.

"Just as the wiki changed how people write, FedWiki will change how people work." (Ward Cunningham)

YOUTUBE 3nB8ml6UowE Keynote by Ward Cunningham, May 19th2015. [http://lanyrd.com/2015/writethedocs/sdmwxk/ html]

Catalog of federated wiki sites with domain names for page titles and brief descriptions tuned for search.

We publish federated wiki software as a Node.js package ready to run on a variety of platforms. This is usefully run on a personal laptop or an industrial server in the cloud. Most people get started by joining a community and launching sites and/or servers with their help. The server software supports a multi-tenant "farm" option useful for small groups or heavy users. [https://www.npmjs.com/package/wiki npm]

A community of open-source developers maintain both the client-side and server-side applications most frequently used to browse and edit pages. Pages themselves are composed of paragraph-sized items of various kinds. This same community provides a core set of plugins for rich content pages and a variety of experimental plugins that push boundaries of web computing. [https://github.com/fedwiki github]

Ward Cunningham started the federation in 2011 with a workshop project called Smallest Federated Wiki or simply SFW. The data visualization and sharing mechanisms were supported by Nike's Sustainable Business and Innovation group. Early history has been documented in a series of video screencasts. Search for "video".

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