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Status Quo



  • Single source of truth: it's a trustworthy source. People know to get their data from here.

  • Tons of information. Crowdsourcing has done the


  • Because it's a single source of truth, there are constant fights over what belongs where that are often fruitless.

  • There are also strong arguments that are made for information being 'out of scope' for wikipedia and belonging to a page or site that is more domain specific.

  • The organization is bloated and inneficient. They really don't need your donations.

  • The servers are centralized and controlled by a single private entity with the potenial to hold data (partially - sans clever parsers) captive.



  • Tons of information with moderators who are experts on their domains.

  • Dedicated contributors, existing communities, easy to edit.


  • Divided into lots of different wikis with no interoperability between them.

  • Tons of overlap between wikis (i.e. multiple star wars and minecraft ones, among other franchises and tropes)

  • Typically used for casual and hobby interests rather than professional writing and work - why?

Personal wiki implementation


  • Super flexible.


  • Not a consistent or reliable source of information, as it's typically controlled by one person.

  • Can be disorganized and things can easily become unmaintained.

Version control managed files


  • Built-in consensus algorithm.


  • Concurrent modification hurts.


  • Decentralized: share information from many sources without being controlled by any of them

  • Open: should incorporate as many sources of knowledge as possible, and individual wikis should have tons of agency.

  • Easy to use: it should be incredibly easy to contribute to and communicate with some sort of central wiki.

Information Sources

In order of priority:

  1. Wikia sites (there are tons!)

  2. Wikipedia

  3. wiki.c2.org

  4. Assorted third party wikis.

  5. [perhaps] personal wikis

  6. etc...

Fusing all of the Wikia sites into a single, cohesive wiki seems incredibly useful.

Feature Ideas

  • shared & enhanced pages :: fuse pages that cover similar or related topics together into one view.

  • consensus :: condense and share overlapping information, reducing the amount of duplication.

  • interoperable :: shift from one wiki to another easily.

Wiki IR related decentralized wiki idea (what we were talking about in chat, but not really what is above)

  • uses wiki IR standard to link together many peoples personal wikis

  • there is an engine at the center (or several?) that crawl the wikiverse and attempt to bring together pages that are similar

    • when pages are similar (by AI?, NLP measure), suggest several types of merging

      • suggestion ways

        • as part of wiki IR cli tool display suggestions

        • make tiny website dashbaord backed by small webapp that phones to recomender engine

      • types of page merging (between peoples federated wiki)

        • link at the bottom of page to other pages with similar content (like webring)

        • transclude entire other page to bottom of your page (and vice versa, both pages in the link transclude eachother)

        • suggest that pages are merged using git-esque strategy (pull request, text diff/merge tools like mergely)

          • q: where does consenus page live? on neither page? (next to ai engines) on one page? (one of the merge requesters 'wins', one conceceds), or both (they share :))

      • goals of merging

        • reduce information duplication

        • instead of conflicts of information being resolved in backchannel of wikipedia, consensus arguments are disputed publicly through pull requests and accepted/rejected page links

        • epic and cool

Conversation linking

  • make conversations first class primitive of wiki, so that concepts are linked to discussion in which they are conceived

  • can be as simple as citations linking to specific conversations

  • uses matrix? hard part is technical challenge of implementation

Backlink fixing

  • move/rename pages and update backlinks

Automatically backup videos/external sites

Provide tools to make good public/private separation

  • so that people can have shareable personal wiki concepts/reference pages, while also having extremely messy private brainstorming (brainstorming=unformed,errorfull,shameless,indulgently bad, creative, risky)/exobrain wiki pages.

Syntax that is not static/markup

  • I want a markup syntax like (move [otherpage]: " this concept deserves to be in other page, but right now i am in [firstpage] and don't want to move all the way to otherpage in emacs so im gonna write this thought in a move block: this thought")

    • and that will append that thought to the bottom of other page once i save or run tool or something (linter?)

Smart todo aggregation system

  • dokuwiki has decent one,

  • zimwiki also has some good features (like hiding todo until certain date)

New types of syntax

  • some syntax for assigning how sure you are of an idea, or how much you like it

    • font size???!

    • number of exclamation points vs question marks !!!

First class support for sorting lists

  • idk how this would work but interactive sorting is underrated!!!


  • like roam/logseq/etc.

  • but if they want to use those interactively, just use them and use wiki IR to convert wiki to them

  • maybe support something simple like


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