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Flancia Collective and the spheres of commoning

As a fun thought experiment, I'd like to have a think about how [[Flancia Collective]] is doing stuff in each of the [[Spheres of commoning]].

Also to be thought about: what commons are we actually stewarding? And who are the commoners?

We are creating digital commons of software and a knowledge commons, I guess.

Mike Hales' handbook on meet.coop would be a good reference point I reckon.

I guess should look at each of the patterns through the lens of how does Flancia Collective do these things? Or how do we do these things in relation to a particular commons? Comes back to defining what actually are our commons.

Social life ([[The Social Life of Commoning]])

Cultivate Shared Purpose and Values

  • We kind of have this, but I don't know what it means to cultivate it, and whether we're doing that.

[[Ritualize Togetherness]]

  • We have a few chat spaces on Element, but I don't feel like async chat really counts as togetherness.
  • [[node club]] - kind of a shared 'custom' each week. Kind of async again though. As a way of fleshing out the knowledge commons.

Contribute Freely

  • We do this - both code and info.

Practice Gentle Reciprocity

Trust Situated Knowing

[[Deepen Communion with Nature]]

  • Bit of a wild card one for digital commons. But could link it in via [[sustainable tech]].

Preserve Relationships in Addressing Conflicts

Reflect on Your Peer Governance

[[Peer governance]]

Bring Diversity into Shared Purpose

  • Some diversity in views. But not a huge amount of diversity in background.

Create Semi-Permeable Membranes

Honor Transparency in a Sphere of Trust

Share Knowledge Generously

  • Check.

Assure Consent in Decision Making

  • Happens roughly through Element chat.

Rely on Heterarchy

Peer Monitor & Apply Graduated Sanctions

Relationize Property

[[Keep Commons & Commerce Distinct]]

  • We have no money associated with Flancia/Agora as of yet.

[[Finance Commons Provisioning]] / [[Choose Commons-Friendly Financing]]

  • We have no financing associated with Flancia/Agora as of yet.

Provisioning ([[Provisioning Through Commons]])

Make & Use Together

Support Care & Decommodified Work

Share the Risks of Provisioning

Contribute & Share

Pool, Cap & Divide Up

Pool, Cap & Mutualize

Trade with Price Sovereignty

[[Use Convivial Tools]]

Rely on Distributed Structures

  • We like distributed structures, for sure. And we'd like Agora to be distributed (or at least federated). Do we make use of them though?

Creatively Adapt & Renew

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