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flancia plan

  • I have a wider plan. I call it [[flancia]].
    • Flancia is an [[open collective]] that tries to execute an open plan: to support cooperative projects of [[public utility]] and [[improve the world]] for others.
    • I intend to dedicate most of my [[free time]] and [[surplus resources]] to it.
    • The plan includes a crucial step, which is to write a roadmap to [[Flancia]] with [[you]].
    • Flancia is a kind of [[eutopia]]; in particular a [[protopia]]. It is a place that doesn't exist, yet has both contact points with the [[real world]] and some [[good]] qualities. The working [[hypothesis]] is that it could actually be built through the iterative application of [[cooperative]], [[rational]], [[optimistic]], [[compassionate]] thinking.
    • My current thinking along the aforementioned lines leads me to want to focus my free time in two ways:
      • Engaging in [[philanthropy]] within my means.
      • Promoting and building [[tools]] for the advancement of knowledge and cooperation.
    • Because of the above I'm building an [[Agora]]: a goal-oriented [[experimenta]] [[social network]] specialized in [[problem solving]].
      • You are probably reading this in some version of it right now.
      • The Agora, at its most basic and general, is a protocol: [[Agora Protocol]].
        • I believe [[wikilinks everywhere]], an [[MVP]] or application of the protocol, might have some potential to improve the health of the internet.
      • This plan used to include developing [[palimpsest]], perhaps a generally interesting feature that might in time help bootstrap the Agora; but I know believe [[hypothes.is]] or [[memex]] are essentially the same thing, and the Agora should interop with them and complement them if at all possible.
    • My plan also includes by default every pro-social action which makes aspects of my [[identity]] which I consider ethically sound and constructive available to others for judgment, cooperation or communication. In other words, I try to be fully open :)
      • My current attitude towards the world is to try to do the best that I can regardless of my personal limitations in [[skill]] and [[knowledge]]; being open about both my plan and my limitations is an important part of my identity, as I believe openness as a social attitude results in interactions conducive to optimal mutual understanding and cooperation.
      • I practice [[open ethics]] and [[open source]].
      • See also: [[contract]].
  • I practice [[open ethics]].
    • I keep a log of my [[meditations]]. It is this [[agora]].
    • With your help I'd like to build many [[stoas]].
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