Flancian Neil 2021-12-11

[[Flancian]] [[Neil]]

  • can't remember how it came up but I mentioned [[ValueFlows]]
    • like ActivityPub but for economic activity
    • want to understand more so think I'll make it my node club for the week
  • to cooperate, you need a 'thing' as the locus of what you're cooperating on
    • you have something that you are pushing, and a direction
    • to move in next direction, you need a question?
    • direction is potential
    • made notes vs notions
    • protopia
  • free, fair and alive - the patterns are crosscutting (interdisciplinary)
  • notes on the synthesis of form (notsof)
  • evolution of patterns: alexander, gang of four, ward, commons? <- we are here!
  • meta-patterns from wiki
  • did ostrom do patterns?
  • ostrom vs b&h - commons vs commoning
  • agora: pulling in external sources
    • how to import (plus attribution)
    • how to import content that we didn't write
      • license checking
      • should it be attributed to the discover (trust, and recognition)
    • mapping problem
      • pattern language
        • external links vs internal links
  • agora is like search (of the commons)
  • nodes linking to node name or a separate name?
  • info daemons
    • eliza
    • train e.g. gpt-3 on philosophers
    • have a conversation with a book
    • the diamond age
    • conversation theory
    • chat bots
    • umberto eco - has a 'model reader', challenge the reader, not too much
    • good reading feels like it isn't a monologue
  • how do a diverse community converge of a definition
    • patterns for solving problems
    • how to solve it
    • systems thinking
    • ampl
  • rosetta stone paper, category theory (maths, physics, sociology)
  • borges, maps and territory
  • [[Flancia Collective]] should write an article for [[Compost]]
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