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Focus Filters chalkboard and build log

I'm relearning JavaScript so that I can focus on the core parts of this app!


See [Focus Filters]

A More Linear Log (Insofar as It Is Easy)

Official Start of Implementation -- 19:58 Reverse-engineering.

Started with this: Find RSS Feed URLs for YouTube Channels and YouTube Playlist - YouTube Tip Tutorial - YouTube

20:42. Now that I setup the public log, I'm reading this: Newsboat - A Command line RSS/Atom Feed Reader For Text Consoles Written for Linux, not Windows, but I'll take some good dev ideas:

  • single file of RSS feeds
  • tags for feeds
    • and for posts by keyword, but I might not get to that tonight
  • central place to read? (or Obsidian export, if I feel ambitious)
  • I'm adding in skip-friction filters on top of these. (That's what is my main aim here. Once I have a lightweight version of that, I'll take a break.)
  • Reference: UI

    β₯… [[Pasted image 20201208204234.png]]

  • Reference: shortcuts

    β₯… [[Pasted image 20201208204212.png]]

  • Yoooo. So it turns out that this is actively maintained. Cool. (For Linux.) Still cool.

21:40ish. fraidycat: Follow blogs, wikis, YouTube channels, as well as accounts on Twitter, Instagram, etc. from a single page.


  • I've become distracted. I was hopping between python and js documentaries. I think I need a break.

... 22:19.

  • Slight bit of clarity: I need to spell out my real goal here...
  • Update front page with core goal (of right now...)
  • ight, back to twitter.

From earlier:

  • Figure out how to open Python in cmd....
    • Sick. All I have to do is >py. Well, that was easy. Now to learning this thing...
    • Nvm. Not going to figure out how to do Python. Switching back


  • Back to work. I've been distracted since 22:50. I'm making this tool because I need it.
    • "Or you could learn to focus." Or, I could build a tool that helps to teach me to focus.


  • I realize I may have been using my time poorly. I'm going to pause doing the demo until my next step becomes more clear. Instead, I'll focus on communicating my core idea about this Item and about [[Living Items]] in general. That's what I really want to focus on.

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