๐Ÿ“š node [[hashtags]]
  • The [[agora]] sees them essentially as wikilinks in CapitalCase format (optional).
    • If the hashtag points to a node that is an [[action]], clicking on it will trigger the action.
    • [[agora bridge]] support is lagging, needs to be fixed.
      • [[refactoring]] -- it would be nice to have as little difference between handling a [[wikilink]] and handling a [[hashtag]] as possible.
      • [[rfc 3986]] means we could just link to <agora>/<entity> regardless of convention, and let [[agora server]] handle (semantic) parsing
        • thought of this a while, it's nice how this handles spaces by default but it mangles unicode needlessly
          • [[iri]] sounds better
          • OK, let's go, what does [[urlencode]] in [[python]] does?
          • actually [[quote plus]]
          • import urllib.parse
          • urllib.parse.quote_plus(...)
    • now done for [[mastodon]] :)
      • opt out story needs to be improved, for now users who opt out are hardcoded in code
    • next up:
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๐Ÿ“– stoas (collaborative spaces) for [[hashtags]]